Okay so we always offer the choice between photo strips which are 2×6 and cards which are 4×6. Now up to this year I have always pushed the cards, I liked them better because you have more room to make cool designs and can do one large photo and 2-3 smaller ones. Now that being said I have watched for the last 3 years people get there 4×6 photo cards and wonder where they are going to put it. Most guests end up leaving them on their table, they think for safe keeping, but I have seen numerous times where they leave at the end of the night and leave them there. I have seen wait staff accidentally pick them up while clearing the table and not even realize it. I have seen guests fold them in half and stick in their jacket or purse.

This is why I and most guests prefer the 2×6 strips…first of all they are the classic design for a photo booth print out. When you go in an arcade style booth the prints that come out are strips. They are simple and clean, not jumbled up with too much information and the main focal point is the 3-4 photos that are on it. The strips fit nicely in a mens shirt pocket or jacket and in a ladies clutch. They don’t get folded and wrecked, they get put in a place where they are safe and will make it to the guests refrigerator at home. For the last year I have done 85% of jobs with strips and since then I do not see them laying on the floor, the table or left behind at all.

They make the perfect wedding favor. You can also add-on custom photo folders that match your strips for $1 versus the 4×6 photo folders which are $2. I am open to doing whatever size the client request at no extra charge or hesitation. I just thought it would be good to put this information out there as some people may not think of these things.

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Nothing is more moving than the voice of a loved one.


A neon sign would really kick your photo booth up to the next level!

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Personalized wooden memory books are the perfect keepsake.