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Next Stop: Capturing Timeless Memories

Snapshots Photo Booth Company Integrates DNP Photo Printers Into a Unique Pair of Mobile Photo Booths to Catch Unforgettable Moments

Step into any wedding or large event in the greater New York or South Carolina areas, and you might encounter Heather Gill, Owner of the Snapshots Photo Booth company. Along with Gill, you will see one of her two prized business partners—an eye-catching Volkswagen bus, which she refers to as Penny, or a retro-fitted camper named Opal.

However, Penny and Opal are not your typical street-roaming vehicles. Gill uses the iconic bus and camper as unique and intimate spaces for event guests to capture unforgettable moments. Equipped with a plethora of novelty props and the award-winning DNP dye sublimation printer, Penny and Opal provide event guests with printed memories to last a lifetime.

Snapshots Photo Booth’s relationship with DNP stretches back to the company’s start in 2013. Gill discovered DNP after purchasing her first photo booth, a tower booth, which featured a DNP printer. While Gill and her husband eventually moved on to designing and constructing their own photo booths—including building the photo booth camper, Opal, from the ground up—DNP remains as their printing solution.

“DNP printers are excellent; they’re called workhorses in the industry for a reason. The printers are dependable, intuitive to operate, and easy to maintain. With one printer, I can do several different things, including use perforated paper or a paper with a coupon on the bottom,” Gill noted. “Most importantly, the support we receive from DNP is excellent; they are very responsive, helpful, and professional.”

“DNP printers are excellent; they’re called workhorses in the industry for a reason.The printers are dependable, intuitive to operate, and easy to maintain.”

Gill and her team serve fifteen to twenty different events in a typical weekend—a testament to the consumer demand for tangible, high-quality, photo prints. With an array of DNP printers including the RX1-HS, QW410, and the DS620A, Gill can provide guests prints in any size. However, the classic, lean photo strips continue to be the top print of choice, as a strip allows for easy storage in a coat pocket or purse.

Over the years, Snapshots Photo Booth has grown with DNP, and now offers customers mobile solutions to seamlessly blend into smaller events or indoor venues. Today, Snapshots Photo Booth has a fleet of six uniquely constructed wooden booths—some on tripod legs others on posts—which Gill calls her “debonair gentlemen.” Although smaller in size, the hand-made, square booths flaunt the vintage-appeal of their larger vehicle counterparts.

While Snapshots’ booths vary in size and design, each booth features a DNP printer. Consistent printer technology allows Gill’s team to easily operate any one of their many photo booths. Instead of spending their time trying to learn how a printer in a photo booth works, Gill and her team focus energy on developing more business and capturing the perfect moment for event guests.

“Other than being a mother and a wife, this is the best job I’ve ever had. I love seeing people and their reaction after giving them the photo strip,” added Gill. “Nothing is better than seeing how customers smile, laugh and talk about their photo strip. The quality, flexibility, and reliability of DNP printers have been the foundation for helping us make this dream come to life!”

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