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the perfect wedding keepsake

The Pink One - The Audio Guestbook
The Mint One - The Audio Guestbook
The Blue One - The Audio Guestbook
The Black One - The Audio Guestbook
The Ivory One - The Audio Guestbook
The Mustard One - The Audio Guestbook
The Azure Blue One - The Audio Guestbook
The Orange One - The Audio Guestbook

Nothing is more moving than the voice of a loved one.

Our Audio Guestbook gives you voicemails you’ll cherish for years to come. Weddings and celebrations will never be the same with our Audio Guestbook.

From sentimental messages left by parents and loved ones, a college crew playing the telephone game leaving the best messages, to the funny ones that come late in the night! I think I heard…”Hello, did you know your refrigerator was running?”

We are so excited to be able to bring this unforgettable add-on to all our clients! I promise these are messages you will cherish, literally forever!

How does it work?

Hello, Forever. The Audio Guestbook.
1. The phone joins
your party

Choose the phone that suits your vibe. We'll set up the phone and help on-site all throughout your event.

2. Your Guests Leave You A Voicemail.
2. Your guests leave you a voicemail

Sentimental, funny, musical, and sometimes inappropriate voicemails are left just for you.

3. Replay These Memories Forever.
3. Replay these
memories forever

Voicemails recorded on the phone are all individual MP4 files that can be saved and listened to on any platform.

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Frequently Asked questions

What is an Audio Guest Book Phone?

An Audio Guest Book Phone is a unique device that allows guests to leave audio messages, much like a traditional written guest book but in voice format. It’s a novel way to capture memories, well-wishes, or feedback in a more personal manner.

How does the Audio Guest Book Phone work?

Just like a regular phone, guests can pick up the handset, listen to your personalized greeting, leave a message and then hang up the phone and it is ready for the next guest to leave a message.

How much recording time is available?

Our Audio Guest Books have an unlimited amount of storage.

Is there a limit to the length of each message?

While there isn’t a strict limit on individual message length, it’s recommended that each guest limits their message to 2-3 minutes.

Is the Audio Guest Book Phone battery-operated or does it require a power source?

Our phones are powered by a battery. Simply plug the phone into the battery, wait 60 seconds for the white light to come on underneath, and you are good to go! We suggest leaving a test message just to make sure the phone is working correctly.

Can I customize the greeting that guests hear before leaving a message?

Absolutely! We love it when our couples put their own spin on the greeting. It is super simple. You record a voice memo with your phone, text it to us, and then we upload it to the phone, and you’re all set.

Are the audio messages saved in a particular format?

Yes, typically messages are saved in common audio formats like MP3 or WAV, ensuring easy playback on various devices.

Is the device weatherproof for outdoor events?

Our phones are NOT weatherproof. Phones must be under cover or inside at all times. Failure to do so will result in damage to the phone.

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